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"A glorious temple must be built in Patliputra the spiritual holy land and historical Capital of Bihar." - Srila Prabhupada


Govinda's Restaurant opening soon in Patna
Accomodation at ISKCON
Govinda's is the pure vaishnava offering foods restaurant where your family can sit down to eat delicious familiar Indian cuisine and as well as some favorite snacks like pizza and French fries. You may also choose from a variety of Indian sweets and ice- cream for desserts. Weekend guests will enjoy our new self-service hot buffet as well. "Govinda's" means that Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme Enjoyer has been offered the food first, cooked with love, fresh from our Board of Health Certified kitchen. And please be sure to bring home some New Vrindavan ghee. Everyone is welcome. Your satisfaction is our utmost service.
To know more about our menu, please click on the menu.
Thank you Govinda's staff

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